Sunday, 15 May 2011

AnYoNe KnOw HoW To....?

So here's the the 'thing..'

Can you make a living from handmade & vintage..?

Can it be done? I mean, without starving yourself, or NOT paying the mortgage, & making sure that, the Mr. Alfie, still has his occasional bone to chew on....??

Are there now too many of us out there enjoying the same thing?

Is there enough room for all of us..?

What became a 'hobby' is fast becoming something I really do enjoy & something I would really like to take further, to where? I'm not sure yet, I only know that I'd like too....

I love my job don't get me wrong (to all my clients that read my blog..!!)

But we have enough room in our lives for diversity right..?

I know there's others out there in blog land, that feel the same way, because we all talk.., is working part-time the answer then?

There is only so many times you can "tweet" "blog" & "chat in forums" to get the foot fall threw your online shop,... & whilst I'm on that subject.., some of these online shops are sooooo expensive, almost up there with a brick shop... I know, I had a salon in town for many years....

Anyway, anyway, anyway... rant over... answers on a post card pleeeeese???

All images are from this mornings car booty haul, vintage magazines, tin bath a steal at £4!! & lovely little beef dripping pot, amongst other things.......


Lisa Wilbourne said...

Stumbled onto your blog while checking out "next blogs". I love your pictures and the overall look!

-- Lisa

Roseanna said...

One thing I forgot to mention to you about this subject is that I have noticed a lot of people start of making hand made items but then go on to blogging and sharing there knowledge with others. This then leads to lots of followers and then they offer advertising on the blog and some earn a good living from it. But, first you have to get the followers which is the tricky part and then you have to be dedicated to posting often and I guess you need to enjoy blogging too.

The good thing is that it doesn't cost and money just time.
This is why I have started the blog, to show customers a more personal side to the business and also as a potential income stream in the future - i hope, although I think it will be a good few years till I am able to earn a living full time from it :( x

Poppy said...

Sorry, I'm no help! But I hope it works out for you.

Fox's poo, LOVELY!!! ;)

Lou xxx