Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Love is in the air......

Summer Lovin' Valentines Card £1.50

Smiling Couple Valentines Card £1.50

Lovers Valentines Card £1.50

Holding hands Valentines Card £1.50

Handmade Valentines cards hand sewn onto cream card, with matching cream envelope, with tiny handmade red clay hearts attached, finished with
hand stamped red heart in the card & envelope....

*Price includes postage from the UK
If you do decide you would like to buy any of my cards, please email at: jamesworth082@btinternet.com.
You may pay me by cheque or I can send you a bill via 'paypal' which you can pay by your debit or credit card
Please email me for any other details thank you Marion :O)


fenandned said...

They're lovely me darlin! Blooming bargain, would it be weird if I sent one to a great dane! :O

Glassprimitif said...

Fabulous cards! Just right for Valentines Day

Primchick said...
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fenandned said...

Hey you! yes you! You are one of my 'nominees' for a blog award over at my digs! Drag yourself over if you have time xxx (and then answer my ruddy question on folksy pm!) :D