Saturday, 26 September 2009

Have you heard this....?

With the current amount of talent & celebrity competitive, television, programmes we seem be bombarded with lately,
should we be asking ourselves what are we really judging.....?

1st impressions..?





It is said that we judge people on the first three seconds of meeting them...

Take a moment to listen to this, then ask yourself, should we be so quick to judge?

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fenandned said...

Singing competions on tv aren't my thing for a hundred different reasons, same with tabloid newspapers they make me feel a little uneasy about society, and I like to think it's not a true representation, but i've heard of Susan, she is amazing. I've watched these shows in the past and you can blatently tell when they're building someone up as a piddle take, maybe I just take it to seriously but I think we should be sending out better messages to youngsters.
Sarah xxx