Sunday, 7 June 2009

Is it me....?

So... here's the thing...

I've been busy making things for my friends fair, collecting things, painting things, pasting things, sewing things.... etc, etc,

Now things are almost done, I'm feeling a bit odd....
Is it me..? or does everyone get a case of the, well.... 'collie wobbles' at this moment...?

The stuff that's going round my head are:
Is there enough things to make a good enough display?
Will anyone like/buy my things?
Why did I agree to do this........!?
Does it all look too 'homemade' rather then handmade...?

Any comments fellow bloggers, would be greatly appreciated.....


Joan said...

Always, always the same concerns. I have been an antiques and artist for 40 years and the voices in my head never just go on and it passes. a peaceful Sunday to you!!! xo Joan

Flower Girl said...

I think it's only natural to feel the way you do! I always worry about the all those things too! One thing I always try to remember is that I am never going to please everybody - there will always be some people that love what you do and some that will just walk straight past your stall without even a glance! Once you're there, all set up, people arrive and you start chatting, you'll be fine! Wishing you good luck and lots of sales, Rebecca x