Thursday, 12 February 2009


So who's feeling very sorry for herself.............!?

Yep that'll be me then, suffering a real heavy cold, & feeling really very sorry for myself... including pangs of guilt, being a self employed hairdresser, it's not a good thing when you're unwell, think of all that catching up there is to sorry clients...

Alfie looking up at me, bored & sad
A red, dry cracked nose, not a good look, & valentines is only days away..!!
Thousands of tissues scattered about
Husband comes home from work, & I burst into tears
House looks a tip
Hair floppy, dull & lifeless, including me...
Loads of time off, but feel, as limp as a wet rag

Wrapped up in a duvet watching...
Phil & Fern well, no one calls it 'this morning' any more do they?
Loose women keep up the good work girls, you make me laugh out loud
Husband bringing me home, March's copy of CL
'O' happy days..............

1 comment:

Sea Angels said...

Hi poorly girl, how rotten, there is nothing worse than a cold..I'm suffering too...bad isn't it when you would rather be at work than have the bug!!!
Your magazines sound like a really good treat, I think it is rot that we can't get anything decant over here....I've even gone of Country Living my fault not theirs..20 years of buying it and I am well bored!! Enjoy your copy at least you know the pictures will be nice.
Get well soon
Lynn xxx
Ps the violets are lovely