Thursday, 4 December 2008

James at the church Christmas fare...

Whilst I've spent most of my evenings, & a few Sunday afternoons, crafting away.. everything is now packed, priced & hung, all ready for the church Christmas fare, this Saturday, trouble is.....
Being a hairdresser, & a very busy one at that, especially this time of year..
James (that's my hubby), seems to get the job of carting, setting up, & standing selling, all my bits a bobs... to tell you the truth all the ladies love him....!!
Think there's homemade sausage rolls, & mince pies passed around too, which does help.... I'm a lucky girl...
(these pictures where taken in the salon window, the giant cones were gathered by my kind mother & father-in-law , & I've scented them in an oil called 'grandmothers kitchen'... which is a mixture of baked apples & Cinnamon it does fill the salon with Christmas........)


idémakeriet said...

Thanks for your lovely words.
It was nice looking around here.
Have a great sonday
Hug Gerda

Sea Angels said...

How did it go ? was it have worked so very hard for a long time, and you work as well, WELL DONE.
Hugs Lynn xxx
I wished I could of come xx