Friday, 21 November 2008

So here's the thing

So.... most of the bits & pieces for the Christmas craft fare are done... just bits & bobs to finish off now, phew..
The utility room looks like, a small whirl wind has spun about a bit, & plonked paper, pins, fabric, pencils, lace, rose hips, stuffing, &... oh well.. you get the picture...
Work is now hectic, & have got the usual very sore hands, which are currently heavily greased up, & shoved into white cotton gloves, 'nice' but not in a good way...! &, am presently typing in them... feel like a magician about to perform a trick... (pick a card any card...!!)
Remind me again why I started doing this craft lark again....?


Sandra Evertson said...

Loved cards below!
Sandra Evertson

Sea Angels said...

You are doing it my friend because you are addicted.. like making beautiful what is wrong with that!!!!! Tut tut....I'm sure you could fit a few more in .... what's sleep
Hugs Lynn xxx